you’re the oldest you’ve ever been. act like it.

Technology is a beautiful thing. We can communicate with each other instantaneously across the globe with minimal effort, and we don’t even need to think twice about it.

And that’s the issue.

But that’s too big to tackle right now. What I do want to figure out is where is the drop-off point is between man and message. Everyone knows how great the internet is for hiding behind your word – after all, how else could you explain the hordes of 12-year olds on xbox live who’ve banged my mother/grandmother/great-grandmother. But where is the moment of disconnect when a human is comfortable speaking to another human like this?

The issue seems to be can vs. should. A surprising lack of accountability makes it significantly too easy to run your mouth with little to no consequence. And in an age where the internet is forever and people get in trouble for what they said months/years/eons ago, how is this such a prevalent occurrence? Is it apathy? Ignorance? Or is this truly the quality of person we’re surrounded by? And trust, I’d love nothing more than to be told that this is anomalous and rampant sexism is a facade put on by the liberals to try and take away constitutional rights and blah blah blah harambe. But it’s not. And that’s that.

But fear not, I have the solution. The end of online sexual harassment as we know it.

Have them read their texts out loud.

To their mothers.


Boom, fixed. Nobel Prize, here I come.

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