no news is good news

…is really as cynical of a phrase as you could possibly come up with. Think about it. When you break it down, what you’re actually saying is there is no news that is good news.

Which sounds a lot like 2016 as a whole.

One day we’ll look back at this year in history and remember the attacks in Paris, the coup in Turkey, the soon-to-happen elections (lord only knows), Syria going completely off the rails, Harambe, Brexit, Zika, Harry Styles cutting his hair, Harambe, and Pokemon Go. Significantly too much violence for a world without gladiator fights and dinosaurs.

The positives? Leicester City and the dog filter on Snapchat.

The fact is no news would be good news. Yes, of course plenty of other marvelous things happened: People fell in love, cookies were baked, babies were made, cookies were eaten. But still. We’ll chalk this one up as a loss and make 2017 better. Let’s just try not to burn it ALL down before we get there. I need that midnight kiss, this is my year.


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