my $2 trip to the crocodile farm

Two tea shops deep into a true bender and unable to find a single food hawker selling cornlimechutneybean, I decided to play one of my favorite games, “Get on the First Bus and See Where it Takes You” (kinda like Settlers meets Saw, a game I’m currently 2/2 in thus far mind you) in the hopes that it would land me somewhere near a crocodile farm. Never having seen a crocodile tree or plant, I was excited to learn how they’re grown. 

About two hours and three miles of walking in the blistering sun later, I spent a grand total of five minutes throwing fish at the demon creatures before abandoning the mosquito cesspool. I bummed a ride to the main road with a monk, took the fourth bus I saw (it was red instead of purple and by that logic I chose it), and finally found what I was really after. All in all, lessons learned were the following: 

  1. Don’t try and pet stray puppies; rabies comes in all shapes and sizes.
  2. Air-conditioned is apparently a subjective term. 
  3. Crocodiles are too fat to run or jump (according to the guy brave/crazy enough to get into their pit and feed them).
  4. Traffic lights are arbitrary and I’ve never been more thankful to NYC for teaching me how to jaywalk.


Cost Breakdown:

  • Bus: $0.15
  • Entry Fee: $0.75
  • Water: $0.25
  • Monk Taxi: $0.20 (left in his car)
  • “Air Conditioned Bus”: $0.25
  • Corn: $0.40

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