disneyland kinda

I’m a sucker for themes. Parties, Vegas casinos, miserable first dates, you name it. Maybe it’s the kid in me, maybe I was just destined to plan children’s birthday parties, who knows. After three weeks in Myanmar, showing up in Bangkok with no plan or clue felt like getting dropped off in Times Square for the first time from Des Moines or Fargo or one of any Springfields stateside. 

Enter Terminal 21 Mall. Nine stories, six hundred and sixty-five shops, and the greatest place on earth in Bangkok this week. It’s a f**king work of art. Each floor is designed after a city, and their commitment to the cause never wavers – think Disneyland meets capitalism (err more capitalism). With no intention of anything other than finding lunch, I wasted spent enjoyed an entire afternoon of pure, mindless, visual bliss. I bought a cup of coffee in London, Michelin-star pork buns in Istanbul (don’t ask me why), and dried mango in Rome.

Three hours later the adventure wouldn’t be complete without a $3 showing of Guardians, the Russian version of the Avengers that features a bear with a turret strapped to his back. 

Yes it’s just a mall. No I don’t care. One day when I win the Super Bowl and they ask me where I’m going, I’ll tell them “I’m going to Disneykok!”

…will work on that last part.

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